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Belle arrived on Thursday 14th June 2018
Went to her new home on Wednesday 29th August 2018.

Belle (Nippy Belle) black Greyhound
WEIGHT: 25 kg

Belle has a quiet, loving nature yet also likes playing and having a mad dash every now and again.  She lives in a house so is house trained and she is spayed, inoculated, microchipped, walks nicely on a lead but can be a little wary on occasion in new places, which is improving all the time.  She loves it when we have a female greyhound here and will lay with her and play with her if she can but will sometimes grumble if a male dog does the same.  She has a lovely and sometimes cheeky character because when in a playful mood you may see a tea towel or something similar disappear off the table as she walks past to be dropped on the floor a few yards further on.  She is fine with children but we would prefer them to be older rather than younger because when Belle is happy and wants to play she likes to nibble which is a puppy trait and small children may construe this to be something other than play, which it isn’t. She's fine with other breeds of dogs including small ones and she travels well in a car.

Went to her new home on Wednesday 29th August 2018.

Belle's Diary
14th June 2018
Belle arrived early this evening and once we'd introduced her to the other Greyhounds we gave her some food, let her out to do her toilet then settled her in a crate for an hour or so before it was time to let them all out for their last toilet of the day and to settle to their beds for the night, hers being her crate.

29th August 2018
This afternoon Belle went off to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life.