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Blaze arrived on Friday 31st August 2018
Went to his new home on Thursday 21st March 2019.

Blaze (Hovex Blaze) is a black Greyhoud
DATE OF BIRTH: 22/04/2014
WEIGHT: 37.2kg
INOCULATED: 29/11/2017

Blaze is a handsome tall black long legged ex-racing male Greyhound who was born on the 22nd April 2014.
He is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped.  He's a smiler, which I think is lovely showing he's a submissive dog and he smiles when he's pleased to see you.  He also 'talks' to you! 
Blaze is okay with children and what we've seen to date is okay with other breeds of dogs, walks super on the lead and travels well in a car.
When Blaze first arrived he came with very long nails, one havng broken off a while ago and another just done.  His previous owner said he hated having his nails clipped and they could only be trimmed after a race when he was exhausted, and then they could only manage a couple.  However, we have found a way of doing them that doesn't upset him and they have now all been clipped.  He's so much happier as a result and the vet has put him on a supplement to see if this will help the condition of his nails. We are also giving him Omega3 capsules as these will help, and these have given him a lovely shiny coat.  Before Blaze's nails were cut he wouldn't allow anyone to touch his feet - other dogs or people, but the evening of they day they were cut we spotted another dog laying with her nose across his feet showing they were no longer painful. 
Blaze is a quiet dog who likes his own bed and will make someone a beautiful companion.

Went to his new home on Thursday 21st March 2019.
Blaze's Diary
31st August 2018

21st March 2019