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Fostering and Homing Greyhounds in Cumbria and the South Lakes

This website covers all the Greyhounds coming to the branch from 1st January 2018. To see the 500+ Greyhounds homed between July 2004 and December 2017 visit


Dora arrived on Tuesday 26th June 2018
Went to her new home on Saturday 7th July 2018
Sadly Dora was returned on Tuesday 14th August 2018 after who owner passed away. 
We looked after Dora until after the funeral and her partner knew if she could keep her or not.
Sadly due to work commitments she requested Dora be found a new home.
Went to her new home on Sunday 23rd September 2018
Sadly Dora was once again returned to the branch because of her separation anxiety
Went to her forever home on Wednesday 5th December 2018

Dora is a white and blue Greyhound
DATE OF BIRTH: 19/03/2015
WEIGHT: 26 kg.
INOCULATED: 04/07/2018
Dora is a pretty white and blue ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 19th March 2015 and weighs about 26kg.,  Dora lives in a house so is house trained.  She is also spayed, microchipped and her inoculations are up to date.  
Dora went to her new home on Saturday 7th July 2018 to live with Shay, who is a fawn Whippet.  Sadly during August their owner became gravely ill and passed away.
Dora is a very affectionate and loving girl who is okay with children and other breeds of dogs.  She walks nicely on a lead and travels well in a car, but we need to find her a home with  another dog as a companion. This is because she's not happy being left on her own.  She's not destructive but she gets very anxious and will bark to call her owner back.

Went to her new home on Wednesday 5th December 2018
Dora's Diary
26th June 2018
This afternoon Dora arrived and what a lovely greyhound she is.
4th July 2018
This morning Dora went to the vet for her booster inoculation so she was ready to go to her new home.
6th July 2018
Dora has been going out with her new owners during the day since they arrived at the bed and breakfast 4 nights ago to see how she was with Shay the Whippet.  All has been well so Dora slept in their room with them this evening in readiness for them taking her home with them tomorrow. They said she was super and no problem at all.
7th July 2018
This morning we removed Dora's stitches from where she was spayed and off she went with Shay and her new owners, where we hope she will have a long and happy life.
14th August 2018

2rd September 2018

23rd Setember 2018

5th December 2018