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Farloe arrived on Sunday 2nd December 2018
Went to his new home on *.

DATE OF BIRTH: 02/02/2009
WEIGHT: 32.9 kg

Farloe is an ex-racing Greyhound who was also a stud dog who decided the time had come to find his own settee to retire to.

Farloe's Diary
Farloe's racing career came to an end when he broke his right hock, but because of his qualities he was used as a stud dog and came here to find a sofa to lay on in his twilight years.
2nd December 2018

3rd December 2018
Farloe seems to be struggling to eat the Gain20 we are feeding him, which leads me to believe he will need a tooth, or teeth out. We are going to start feeding him Burns Sensitive tomorrow not just because of his age, but because it soaks better.

From now until he has his dental we shall soak his food so he can eat it better and hopefully put a bit of weight on which will help him cope with the operations better.
5th December 2018
This morning Farloe went to the vets for a full examination, to be neutered and have his first inoculation because he arrived with no inoculation paperwork. After he'd had his neutering operation, which went well we brought him home to recover and rest.  We will take him again to the vets for his second inoculation in a month's time.
11th December 2018
We got the results of his blood test today showing his SDMA reading as 19, an early indicator of kidney problems.  The normal reference should be 1 - 14. At 20 he will be started on a kidney programme, but as his urine is okay and he's not drinking more we can leave things as they are at moment.  The vets will do another SDMA test when he goes in for his dental.