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Missy as she was known at the time arrived on Tuesday 13th March 2018
Went to her new home on Saturday 21st April 2018.
Sadly she was returned on Saturday 29th April 2018 after being renamed Willow.  Returned because her new owners found her too strong to hold on their walks due to her nervousness of the big outside world.  Went to her new home on Monday 27th August 2018.

Missy (Willow) is a lovely brindle greyhound
DATE OF BIRTH: 25/09/2013
INOCULATED: 07/03/2018

Missy is a beautiful brindle greyhound who was born on the 25th September 2013.  She is house trained, spayed, inoculated, microchipped and recently had a dental. 
Missy has a lovely nature and enjoys playing with her toys.  She eats her food well and is perfect in the house. Is good with children and travels well in a car.
When she first arrived she was very wary of cyclists, vehicles, other breeds of dogs and the general 'big outside world'.
When she doesn't know you and you first take her out for a walk she can become very unsettled and pull on the lead especially if
she sees other breeds of dogs around.  However, if you keep her on a very short lead, about a foot long, and close to your side she soon comes to realise after a few days that nothing will hurt her while you are there beside her. As each day passes she becomes more confident on her walks, but it's a case of taking things slowly with her to begin with until she's built up her confidence in you.
Willow is being fostered with Sarah, her family and her two greyhounds, all of whom love her to bits especially one of the greyhounds who she loves to play with.
 Missy (Willow)'s Diary
13th March 2018

21st April 2018
This afternoon the couple interested in giving Missy a new home called in, completed all the adoption paperwork and drove her off to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life with her new family.
23rd April 2018
This evening we received a photo of Sasha their lurcher and Willow as she is now being called all cosy together on the settee.
25th April 2018
Following a text received yesterday I phoned to see how Willow was.  Being faultless in the house and their lurcher and Willow adoring each other her new owners said they were struggling when out on their walks.  Having explained how she was before they adopted her we had another long chat and offered more advice on how we had been helping her and how after a few days she began to settle.  She is such a lovely dog it would be a shame to give up on her so early and not give her longer to settle, and we would speak again in a couple of days to see how things were going.
26th April 2018
We received a phone call this morning from Willow's new owners saying it wasn't working when they took her out and could they return her.  Arrangements were made for them to bring her back on Saturday afternoon and I contacted Sarah who fostered her earlier to ask if she could have her back and continue working with her on their walks.
28th April 2018
Sarah and her family were really looking forward to Missy coming back and collected her in the afternoon after her new owners had left.
Back in her foster home Missy greeted Lily and within a few minutes it was as if she'd never been away.
29th August 2018
"Just a quick note to let you know how amazing she is! Today she laid on a blanket outside with Dilbert, she chased him playfully round a table on the decking! She is absolutely delightful, so happy and a very good girl. "
2nd September 2018
We heard today from Willow's new owner saying "It seems Willow has live here for years! She is an absolute delight, we adore her.  She smiles from morning to night, Dilbert is so happy too."
9th September 2018
"Just a quick update from Willow’s house! She is amazing, loving, funny and quite naughty, in a good way! She is so funny, always moving things. Her and Dilbert are so lovely together, she met a Cockerpoo (family members) and was perfect, no reaction at all."

Willow is a brindle Greyhound
27th August 2018
In her new home

Willow - brindle Greyhound sleeping
27th August 2018
Settling in

Willow - brindle greyhound sleeping
2nd September 2018