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(now called Joey)

Snowy arrived on Tuesday 20th March 2018
Went to his new home on Saturday 12th May 2018.
Sadly Snowy was returned on Sunday 20th May 2018 due to separation anxiety issues.
Went of his new home on Thursday 25th October 2018.
Snowy is a large white Greyhound
DATE OF BIRTH: 07/09/2011
WEIGHT: 36 kg
INOCULATED: 17/04/2018

Snowy is a stunning white greyhound covered in small black spots.  He was born on the 7th September 2011, is 29" to the shoulder and weighs about 36kg.
Snowy is house trained, neutered, inoculated, microchipped and is a super dog who is very affectionate, and after his initial excitement when he knows he's going for a walk is okay on the lead and travels well in a car. He loves apples! Snowy was quite an insecure lad when he arrived and got upset when aeroplanes flew over but he's now okay. He hates having his nails clipped
and his teeth cleaned so much so his previous owner and trainer had them done if he had to go to the vets for anything and they could sedate him.  This may, or may not improve!
Snowy was homed once where he stayed for just o
ver a week.  His new owner fell in love with him and adored him, but he suffered separation anxiety when left on his own to such an extent his new owner who lived on his own came to the decision that Snowy had to come back to us.   
Snowy has now settled with us and is liked by everyone who sees him.  He travels well in a car and is okay with other breeds of dogs.  His separation anxiety has almost gone as we can now leave him with no muzzle on and there are no accidents upon our return.  However, he is with other dogs so perhaps the right home for Snowy is either with another calm dog or one where
at least one of his owners are at home most of the time or they can take him with them, at least initially until he becomes settled.

Went of his new home on Thursday 25th October 2018.

Snowy 's Diary
20th March 2018
This afternoon Snowy arrived and what a big handsome dog he is.  He's white with tiny black spots all over him and the most beautiful set of ears!

12th May 2018
This afternoon we took Snowy to his new home because his new owner doesn't drive.  Snowy walked in, went in the back to do his toilet and explore then came in the house and had a good look and sniff around.

20th May 2018
We received a phone call from Snowy's new owner first thing this morning saying he'd thought long and hard overnight and despite how much he loves him he feels his home isn't the right one for him and he must reluctantly return him.  As his new owner doesn't have a vehicle Stuart went over after breakfast and collected him.
He travelled back okay in the van, but was somewhat anxious when he got back here, stayed in the garden for a couple of minutes, came in, did a wee on the side of the kitchen fire, was told that sort of thing isn't allowed in this house and was put outside.  Snowy is quite an insecure dog, will sometimes wee just outside the conservatory door then bark to come back in.  His insecurity and separation anxiety is something we shall be working with him to overcome and we hope any potential new owner will continue our work once they have him home with them.
Snowy is a beautiful lad and is worth all the effort put in to help him over this hurdle.

Snowy is a white and black Greyhound
In our garden
9th April 2018

Snowy (Dartry Snow) Greyhound
9th April 2018
13th June 2018
Snowy attended the Blood Bank Session today at Highgate Vets @ Beezon Road in Kendal.  He was weighed in, given a medical, a blood sample taken and tested then he was to give his pint of blood.  However, Snowy was having none of it so his donation session came to a stop and we brought him back home.  Mind you he won't allow us to cut his nails or clean his teeth so it was a big hope that he would give blood.  Oh well, not all are perfect!!!
4th July 2018
This morning Snowy went to the vets for a check up and we took a urine sample in for them to check because of the yellow tinge to his tummy.
6th July 2018
The vets phoned today to ask if Snowy could be scanned on Thursday as part of their training with a new ultra sound scanner and we said he could
12th July 2018
Our vets have just had a new ultra-sound unit installed and today they were having a training session.  As they needed a dog to use they asked if they could do a scan on Snowy to see if they could find out why his tummy had that yellow tinge.  They said he had a slightly enlarged liver and gave us some sachets of a food supplement to sprinkle on his food for a few days along with a 7 day course of antibiotics after which all should be okay.  The weather has been the hottest for the longest time in ages and it was thought he may have been suffering from the heat as so many others have been doing.

25th October 2018
This morning Snowy's new owners came to take him home with them. They are going to call him Joey and we hope he has a long and happy life with his new family and their other greyhounds.