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Sophie arrived on Friday 28th September 2018
Went to her new home on Sunday 30th December 2018.

Sophie is a black Greyhound
DATE OF BIRTH: 02/08/2014
Sophie is a really lovely black ex-racing greyhound who was born in August 2014. Sophie is house trained, spayed, inoculated and microchipped.
She is a very affectionate and loving girl who enjoys a play and a cuddle.  She sleeps in our bedroom, which is the place she chose to spend the night and we don't hear a peep out of her.
She can get a little excited when she first meets you, but she's a hapy girl and it is probably her trying to get your attention in front of the others.  Because of her happy and playfullnes we feel she's better with older children at the moment because of this.
She has a good appetite and to see her run around the garden you wouldn't credit she'd damaged her hock while racing.  This was strapped, has repaired and is now okay.
Sophie appears okay with other dogs, but because she is so playful the trick is not to let her have a long lead and to keep her on a short one close to you which makes her more settled as the other dog approaches.

Went to her new home on Sunday 30th December 2018.
Sophie's Diary
28th September 2018

30th December 2018

Sophie (Sophies Spirit) black Greyhound
In our garden
2nd October 2018