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Tony arrived on Thursday 15th February 2018.
Went to his new home on Saturday 31st March 2018.

Tony - Droopys Drayton - greyhound
DATE OF BIRTH: 18/02/2015
WEIGHT: 39 kg.
INOCULATED: 14/02/2018
Tony is a handsome black greyhound who was born on the 18th February 2015.
Weighing 39 kg he is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped.
Tony is quite a shy and nervous boy until he gets to know you especially with men.  However if you remember the '3 point rule' of no direct eye contact, no touching and no talking to for a few minutes he becomes inquisitive enough to come closer for the tasty treat you are holding.  Once he realises you have food and plenty of cuddles you become his best friend.
A little nervous when he first sets off on his walk he soon settles and likes to walk with another dog for a companion.  He travels well in a car and will make someone a super companion.

Tony 's Diary
15th February 2018
This afternoon Tony arrived, and what a big handsome chap he is.

31st March 2018
This afternoon Tony's new owners arrived with Iris his new companion.  He gave them a lovely welcome and once all the adoption paperwork was sorted out off he went with them to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life.