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Bo arrived on Tuesday 17th February 2019
Was formally adopted by her fosterers on Sunday 23rd June 2019

DATE OF BIRTH: 10/12/2009
WEIGHT: 21 kg
INOCULATED: 17/09/2018

Bo is house trained, spayed, inoculated, microchipped and had a dental last September when she had her booster inoculation. 
Bo came to us following a decline in her owner's health that meant her not being able to look after Bo so she came here for us to find her a new home.
A medical at our vets shows her to be fit and well and although the teeth she has are a little dirty the vet said they should come okay with chews and teeth cleaning.
Bo is a very gentle and quiet girl who just wants loving, but if another young or bouncy dog crosses her path she will certainly put it in it's place and tell it to behave and respect the elders. Bo walks beautifully on the lead and travels well in a car.

Adopted on Sunday 23rd June 2019
Bo's Diary
From what we understand Bo was originally homed in 2013 or just before to a couple living in one of the villages near us. Sadly the lady began to develop dementia so her husband became the main carer for Bo until he suddenly passed away. 
His wife and carers looked after Bo the best they could aong with the lady's son who lived a considerable way away.  He arranged for check ups, inoculations and dentals as and when needed. However, when the lady's health deteriorated further we received a phone call during January 2019 asking for our help.
The time wasn't right for the lady to part with Bo so we arranged for a volunteer living close by to call in each day, feed her, and take her for a walk until the time was right and arrangements made for her to come into the branch.  Stuart and I were on holiday at the time, but in communication via email and whatsapp all the while.  Our volunteer did a very diplomatic and wonderful job dealing with a very delicate situation, and when the day came she took Bo into her home for a couple of days or so until we came back and could have her.

17th February 2019

10th March 2019

23rd June 2019
Bo came with her fosterers today to the nail clipping and teeth cleaning session and while here they formally adopted her.  They absolutely adore Bo, and had been awaiting the results of Dan's knee operation before committing themselves to her, so there were celebrations all round.  Dan's knee operation was over and Bo had a lovely home for the rest of her life.
She was looking really fit, well and happy, her coat was shiny, and she was her desired weight. She loves running around their huge garden and going for walks down the lane with a neighbour and his dog.  She may have been through a tough few months, but all that's now in the past and things have turned out okay for her.