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is looking for a home

Gabbi arrived on Mnday 20th May 2019 and is currently looking for a new home.
Please contact us if you would like to home Gabbi
or one of the other greyhounds who are currently looking for homes.

DATE OF BIRTH: 02/10/2016
WEIGHT: 31 kg
INOCULATED: 29/12/2018

Gabbi is a lovely brindle female ex-racing Greyhound who is house trained, spayed, inoculated, and microchipped.
She walks okay on the lead, has a nice nature, loves playing with Royston and carrying her toys around.

Gabbi 's Diary
20th May 2019
This lunch time Gabbi arrived and we introduced her to the other greyhounds here then popped her in one of the crates in the living room to settle for a couple of hours.
23rd May 2019
This morning Gabbi went to the vet to be spayed and weighed in at 31kg.  All went well with her operation and we collected her later on in the afternoon.  Back home we popped her back in the crate where she could peacefully rest without being bothered by the others.


If you can give Gabbi her a forever home please contact us