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Mo arrived on Monday 11th March 2019
Went to his new home on Sunday 17th March 2019.
Sadly Mo was returned through no fault of his own on Thursday 21st March 2019.
Went to his forever home on Saturday 30th March 2019.

DATE OF BIRTH: 01/10/2016
WEIGHT: 34.2 kg

Mo is a lovely black male ex-racing greyhound who is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped. Mo broke his hock while racing but this was pinned and now all is okay, however, he does tend to run on three legs when he forgets he no longer has the plaster on.  Mo is a lovely friendly lad and will make a super companion.

Went to his forever home on Saturday 30th March 2019.
Mo's Diary
17th November 2018
Fractured hock while racing.
22nd November 2018
Hock operated on and 2 screws fitted.
18th January 2019
Fibreglass cast was removed.
11th March 2019
This afternoon Mo arrived, greeted the other greyhounds here and settled in a crate in the living room for an hour or so to give him chance to get to know them without being over powered by the number of them.

14th March 2019
This morning Mo went to the vets to be neutered where he weighed in at 34kg. All went well and we brought him home in the afternoon where he spent the rest of the day sleeping things off and resting.
17th March 2019
Mo came here for a couple who'd just lost their greyhound and had reserved him specifically.  Today they did the adoption paperwork and took him home with them where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
21st March 2019
Sadly Mo was returned today through no fault of his own.  One of his new owners felt not enough time had been given to grieve the loss of their previous greyhound and they needed more time.  With it being such a short time away from us Mo settled straight back into our routine.
30th March 2019
This afternoon Mo went off to his forever home where we hope he has a long and happy life with his new family.
12th May 2019
I met Mo and his new owners at the Arnside walk today and they said he was getting on very well.  The limp he had when they first got him following his accident in November last year has now gone.  It's been a couple of weeks or so now that he's walking normally and they are all very pleased with him, which is lovely to hear.