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(cat trainable)

Rocket arrived on Saturday 22nd June 2019
Went to his new home on Wednesday 3rd July 2019.

DATE OF BIRTH: 05/03/2016
INOCULATED: 02/06/2019

Rocket is a black ex-racing greyhound who is Soyuz's litter brother.  He arrived here already neutered and his inoculations up to date.  He is house trained, walks lovely on the lead, super with children and travels well in a car.  He has such a lovely gentle nature that he is cat trainable.

Went to his new home on Wednesday 3rd July 2019.
Rocket's Diary
22nd June 2019
What a beautiful dog Rocket is, he's got gentle looking eyes and has the character to match.
As he came with his inoculations up to date and neutered we just booked him into our vets for an examination to ensure all was okay prior to him going off to his new home.
30th June 2019
This afternoon the gentleman and his son who are going to adopt Rocket came to stay 3 nights in our bed and breakfast.  They brought Darren their elderly greyhound and we introduced him to Rocket.  They previously adopted Sam from us, but about a month ago he passed away with bone cancer in his shoulder and they were lost without him.  Consequently we found them Rocket who we believe will make a perfect companion for them all.  All was fine when Darren and Rocket met so he took him for a walk to get to know him.  They later brought him back for his tea and asked if they could take him out for the day with them in the morning.
1st July 2019
This morning after Razzle had been fed he went out for the day with his new family and arrived back later in time for his tea.  He and Darren got on fine together and Rocket took everything in his stride.
2nd July 2019
Again Rocket went out for the day with his new family and arrived home later for his tea.
3rd July 2019
This morning Rocket went off to his new home where we are sure he will have a long and happy life.
5th July 2019
We heard this morning that Rocket was doing really, really well.  They say he's so sweet.  Shown no interest at all in the cats and he'd getting on well with their other greyhound, Darren.  He's still getting to know the place but greeting everyone with licks and affection.  They say he's ideal, and so gentle.