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Rockie arrived on Tuesday 16th July 2019 and is currently looking for a new home.
Please contact us if you would like to home Rockie
or one of the other greyhounds who are currently looking for homes.

Rockie is a black Greyhound

Rockie's face
DATE OF BIRTH: 11/2013
WEIGHT: 33 kg.
Rockie was homed by his original owner/trainer to someone who asked if he could look after him while they were away on holiday and never returned for him.  He was then homed to a family with a small child, but through no fault of his own he was to be returned again.  Rather than going into a rescue kennel his original owner/trainer asked if he could come here so he could continue living in a home. 
Now that Rockie has been neutered and put about 3 kg. on he's settled and has become a really lovely and happy lad who will make someone a lovely companion.  When he's done what he need to in the garden he will bark by the back door asking to be let in.
Rockie is also house trained, microchipped and fully inoculated.  He has a lovely nature and a tail that wags round in circles when he's happy.  He gets on well with the other greyhounds but will give a grumble at the moment if they get too near him while he's eating.  He loves his food, and looks well with that extra bit of weight.  He enjoys being cuddled, having his tummy rubbed, and walks nicely on a lead, loves children and from what we've seen so far is okay with other breeds of dogs.  He also travels well in a car..
Rockie's Diary
Before Rockie's arrival
We were told before Rockie came here he didn't like being left on his own while his previous owners were working as he paced and whimpered all the time with anxiety.  He was like that here the first couple of days, but now he's fine.We don't know how long he was being left on his own for, but perhaps it was longer than he felt comfortable with.  He came to us a 'whole' dog, so this may also have had a bearing.
16th July 2019


If you can give Rockie a forever home please contact us