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Soyuz arrived on Thursday 16th May 2019
Went to her new home on Sunday 23rd June 2019.

Soyuz is a black ex-racing Greyhound
DATE OF BIRTH: 05/03/2016
WEIGHT: 25.4 kg.
INOCULATED: 10/07/2018

Soyuz is a lovely black female ex-racing Greyhound who is house trained, spayed, inoculated and microchipped.
Soyuz can be a little wary of strangers until she gets to know them, but then she becomes your best friend. She walks lovely on the lead, travels well in a car and from what we've seen so far she is alright with other breeds of dogs.  Soyuz will make someone a lovely companion.

Went to her new home on Sunday 23rd June 2019

Soyuz's Diary
16th May 2019

23rd May 2019
This morning Soyuz went to the vet to be spayed where she weighed in at 25.4kg.  Disolvable stitches were used, all went well and we brought her home in the afternoon and allowed her peace and quiet in one of the crates in the living room to recover at her own speed without being bothered by the others.
14th June 2019
After badly damaging her dew claw in the garden last night Soyuz visited the vet this morning where she weighed in at 25.45 kg.  The vet removed what was left of the dew claw, stitched the area and bandaged her up. Once home again she was much happier and was soon walking around the house again as if nothing had happened.
15th June 2019
We'd just finished clearing away the guest's breakfast things in the conservatory and went to let the dogs in the garden as normal.  As I walked in the living room I saw Soyuz standing in her crate and the drip bag we'd put on her foot earlier to keep it dry was full of blood.  We let all the others out then brought Soyuz into the kitchen to see what was wrong. We'd only just got the drip bag off when the volunteers arrived, amongst them was Claire, who is a veterinary nurse. We called her in to assist us and she took over taking the bloody dressing off, stemming the blood flow with a pressure pad, and putting a new dressing on so we could get Soyuz back to the vets.  She needed another operation and this time different stitches were used.  We phoned the couple coming to see her this afternoon and changed their appointment to tomorrow.  Later in the afternoon we collected Soyuz from the vet.  She looked very sorry for herself and she spent the rest of the day in one of the crates in the living room to rest and recover - she's lost quite a lot of blood!
16th June 2019
Soyuz was much better today and up to meeting her potential new owners, although there was no going for a walk even a short one after what happened yesterday, so it was just getting to know one another in the conservatory. 
18th June 2019
Soyuz was at the vets again this morning for what we thought would be a bandage change. Instead she had the bandage removed, manuka honey put on the wound and given antibiotics.  All good as there is now a chance of her going to her new home sooner than hoped.
19th June 2019
This afternoon Soyuz's potential new owners called round to take her for a walk and get to know her.
20th June 2019
Another walk for Soyuz.  Her new owners can't wait for the day she finishes her antibiotics and they can take her home.
23rd June 2019
This afternoon Soyuz's new owners came to collect her and take her back to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life.