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Thor arrived on the 29th December 2018
Went to his new home on Friday 4th January 2019.
Sadly Thor was returned through no fault of his own on Friday 15th February 2019.
Within a couple or so days of him being back we decided we would keep him ourselves.

DATE OF BIRTH: 02/07/2015
Thor is a very attractive black ex-racing greyhound whose racing career came to an end when he cracked the stopper bone on his front leg, but this is now okay.  He is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped.  Thor walks nicely on the lead, is good with children and travels well in a car.

Was formally adopted on Thursday 6th June 2019
Thor's Diary
4th June 2018
Thor fractured his ACB 4 days ago. The xrays show a edial fracture on oblique view so it's not accessible with the standard approach for treatment.  His leg was placed in a flexion bandage.
He was in a full flexion dressing for 3 weeks, which was changed weekly with the first change being after 5 days. Then it was dressed for 3 weeks in a neutral position to prevent extension - the bandage was in about 10 degrees of flexion.  Then he was kept on the lead for 4 weeks.  He was given Noroclav and Carprieve.
29th December 2018

Thor arrived this afternoon at the same time as
the couple who are looking to adopt him.  They brought Pip with them who we homed some time ago and who is almost blind.  We chose Thor because of his temperament and felt he would make a super companion for her and give her the confidence to go out for walks now she's in a new house.
Thor went for a walk with them and bonded with Pip immediately so they reserved him and we made arrangements to get him neutered.
4th January 2019

This afternoon Thor went off to his new home where we hope he has a long and happy life with Pip and his new family.
15th February 2019
Sadly Thor was returned to the branch today through no real fault of his own. Firstly, the pet insurance company wouldn't insure him in his entirety due to his damaged stopper bone, which his new owners weren't happy with and secondly, with him being young he wanted more stimulation than Pip did, with her being almost blind.  It was deemed better that Pip be allowed to potter along as she had been doing, eating meals as and when she wanted and doing her own 'thing', which was a shame for Thor.
With Stuart and I still on holiday arrangements were made for his owner/trainer, who is also a registered volunteer to have him back and look after him until we got home.  This she did.
A few days after we returned home we made the decision to adopt Thor - he was such a handsome dog and had so many similarities to my lovely Robbie who passed away last July. 
April 2019
With everything going on when we got back from holiday we didn't realise straight away that Thor was due his booster inoculation while we were on holiday and while he was with his previous family.  It only came to light when I went to book him in for his first blood donation session.  At first we thought he wouldn't be able to do it, but they said to hold back having it done until after he'd given blood
8th May 2019
Thor did his first blood donation session today of which we are very proud - he was pronounced fit and well and his blood group is DEA1 Negative.
10th May 2019
Now his blood doning session is over he had his first inoculation this morning, due his second in a months time.  He weighed in today at 33.4 kg.
When we came to insure him we also found we had the same issues as the couple earlier  The insurance company would insure him, but would exclude all four legs and both shoulders unless they had full medical records going back quite a long way.  For a dog coming into any rescue this is almost impossible and we told them so.  For Thor, we felt it unreasonable because he only hurt the stopper bone on one leg, but they say it's now standard practice for many dogs homed from rescue centres especially those with past injuries. As a result, we have now become members of the Dogs Trust because included in the membership all dogs we have are covered third party.  This covers him against hurting someone, another dog or causing damage to property.  The amount the insurance company wanted in monthly payments we are putting in a savings account to draw on as and when it's needed.
14th June 2019
This morning Thor had his aditional new inoculation bringing him up to date.