Greyhound Trust South Lakes
Charity numbers:  269668 & SCO4404

Fostering and Homing Greyhounds in Cumbria and the South Lakes

This website covers all the Greyhounds coming to the branch from 1st January 2018. To see the 500+ Greyhounds homed between July 2004 and December 2017 visit

Greyhound Cards

All income raised from our sales go towards the greyhounds
 here at the Greyhound Trust South Lakes.

All designs come in C5 size cards with envelopes

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Christmas Cards

Thunder Greyhound relaxing - Christmas Card Indy Greyhound Christmas Card
Packs of 10
(2 of each design)
(free delivery)

Indi Greyhound Christmas Card

Toby White Greyhound Christmas Card
Tess Greyhound Christmas Card

Packs of 10
(2 designs per pack)
5 cards of each design [designs may vary]
(free delivery)

Cards can be purchased at:
The branch - Beech Hill House, Witherslack  LA11 6RH
The Barlick Tap in Barnoldswick, Lancashire
The Snug Micropub on Carnforth Station
At Events and Monthly Walks (see the events page)

Available by post
£7.00 (free delivery)
T: 015395 52394
to pay by: Internet Banking Transfer,
Credit Card, Debit Card (NO Cheques)