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Pearly having come back to the branch because of his owner's death went to a long-term foster home for a while because of his age and poor health.  Due to a change of circumstances at his foster home he came back to the branch, where he lived in our home, being loved and looked after during his twilight years.  Sadly Pearly passed away from renal failure on the 4th October 2018

Pearly (Mineola Pearly) black greyhound
18th August 2016
DATE OF BIRTH: 05/10/2006

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Pearly's Diary
5th February 2018
This afternoon Pearly visited the vet as he seemed to have a sore leg and wouldn't put any weight on it. The vet checked him over, but couldn't see anything so suggested he may have done it running round the garden and a couple of days or so on PardaleV should settle things.

4th October 2018
Sadly we realised the day had come to say goodbye to Pearly.  His breathing was so shallow and he showed no interest in what was going on around him. We thought he may have passed away last night in his sleep but he was still holding on this morning.  Pearly, with help of the vet passed peacefully away in our arms.  I don't think he knew what was going on because he was so near to death and went almost as soon as the needle went in.  We all knew today was coming because of his renal issues, but it still didn't make things easier.  We've known Pearly a long time and although he was a grump at times we dearly loved him.  There is a silent hole in the house now he is no more because he was quite a character and one who will never be forgotten.
Rest in Peace our Pearly Whirly.  Run like the wind and free of pain.  It was an honour to have been part of your life and although you were our 'Grumpy Pearly' we loved you to the end.
You may be no longer with us but our memories of the time we knew you will live on forever.