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Robbie arrived at the branch on the 24th August 2015
Went to his new home on Saturday 23rd July 2016.
Sadly he was returned after 2 days because he wouldn't stop following
his new owners around. Went to his new home on Sunday 2nd October 2016
Sadly he was returned on Thursday 3rd November 2016 after he was attacked by 2 off-lead terriers. They were not harmed, but Robbie required veterinary care and his new owners had lost confidence.
Went to his forever home with Jenny and Stuart the day he was returned.

Sadly Robbie died from a heart attack at 10.55am on Wednesday 18th July 2018.
His autopsy showed his cause of death was an unusual form of cancer
 that wasn't detected by xrays or scans.

to read Robbie's diary prior to 1st January 2018

DATE OF BIRTH: 03/11/2010
WEIGHT: 35 kg.

Robbie's Diary from the 1st January 2018
12th February 2018
We were on holiday and Robbie was being looked after by someone who'd had him at their house with their greyhound a number of times.
While in the garden cutting back plants the lady heard a scream/howl and looked around realising it was a dog.  Robbie was nowhere to be seen and there was a commotion in the road the otherside of the hedge.
Robbie had got through the hedge somehow and fallen into the side of a moving 4 x 4 and was holding his front leg funny.  He was put in a car and taken to the vets immediately to be checked over for injuries etc.
13th February 2018
Today Robbie had his leg xrayed and the fracture found to be bad enough to require treatment at the 

Orthopedic Vets.
17th May 2018
Robbie has started limping and his leg feels warm so I phoned the orthopedic vet for advice.  They suggested he goes back on to Pardale V tablets and antibiotics for a further 4 weeks then to review everything again.
4th June 2018
This morning we took Robbie to the vet to have his eyes looked at due to the cloudiness in them. As Stuart has a good camera he offered to take pictures of them and email them in so they could be sent to the eye specialist.
6th June 2018
This morning we collected the eye drops from the vets we are to put in Robbie's eyes on a daily basis.
12th June 2018
This morning Robbie had an appointment at Kentdale Vets where it was suggested he stay on the antibiotics until the beginning of September.  They are hoping the infection which appears to be under a screw of the plate will go by then.  If not they are going to consider operating to remove the screw that is causing the issue.  By then his leg will be strong enough to handle it's removal.
Poor Robbie how he's fed up of taking medication each day, bless him.
6th July 2018
This morning Robbie was really unwell so we took him to the vets this morning.  He's lost weight again and he's started to wheeze.  He weighed in at 30kg so he's lost 4kg since he was last weighed and his temperature was 33.9°.
The vets sis a scan, and it showed where the fluid was but nothing else so they are still at a loss as to what is going on.  We were asked if we could weigh him and take his temperature daily to monitor things.
8th July 2018
This morning Robbie's temperature was 38.6°
9th July 2018
This morning Robbie's temperature was 37.9°
10th July 2018
This morning Robbie's temperature was 40.1° and we were so worried about his breathing we took him to the vets this afternoon where they examined him and took a sample of blood.
11th July 2018
This morning Robbie went to the vets where he weighed in at 32.75kg. He was given an xray and an antibiotic by injection. They found pink fluid around the lungs so there are red blood cells in there.  However, the fluid around the outside of his lungs are a symptom and not the cause which is still baffling the vets.  500mls of fluid was drained off making him feel more comfortable.
12th July 2018
The vets have just had installed a new up to date ultra sound machine and today was the training day on how to use it.  With the vets struggling to find out what was wrong with Robbie they asked if they could scan him as part of their training. Again they couldn't find what is causing the fluid, temperature and breathing issues.
13th July 2018
Robbies wheezing was so bad this morning we feared for him so took him to the vets again where they found a lot of fluid round the chest and abdominal cavities.  This isn't good, he was given 3 types of antibiotic drugs intraveniously and he was staying in the vets over night so they could monitor him.

1st August 2018
What a heart breaking moment it was this morning when we collected Robbie's ashes from the vets.  My lovely, loyal Robbie, how I am struggling to come to terms with what happened and how I miss you so very much